• Course Code:  ITT 101

  • Term:  Summer 2017

  • Start Date:  Jul 17 2017

  • End Date:  Apr 30 2018

  • Enroll by:  Apr 30 2018

  • Duration:  41 weeks

  • Course Author(s)
    Dell EMC Education Services

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Transforming Your IT

Summer 2017


English language course


Realize your IT Transformation and move your business into tomorrow.

Data is scaling at unprecedented rates. Organizations and their IT departments know they need to transform.

So how do you move your business into tomorrow, when your organization and processes are stuck in yesterday?

IT modernization needs to take into account application, infrastructure, and operating model transformations.  Leaders and champions can make the difference in how your organization moves forward.

You’ll need to assess:

- What the transformation process is
- Where you are in your journey
- What roles and skills are needed
- And how you get from here to there

Dell EMC shares its own insights and experience on the IT Transformation process, as well as other use cases, in successfully navigating the path towards the new era of digital transformation. 

Join us, and others like you, in an open, online, and interactive course, designed to lead you through the IT transformation process. At the end, you’ll walk away with the steps you can use to transform your own organization into the modern IT era.

This 3-week session starts July 17th, 2017 with an on-average commitment of 5 hours per week. The course is focused on thought leaders, practitioners, and influencers looking to transform their IT business and data center operations for the digital age.

Enroll in the course for free and gain access to Dell EMC experts and practitioners. Enhance your experience with:

- Badge certifying you have completed the course and passed a comprehensive test at the completion of the MOOC for $10
Learn more and register
- Instructor office hours for $100 with structured scheduling twice a week
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Course Outline

Week 1: Driving Your IT Transformation

Lesson: Business Drivers

- The Role of IT in Yesterday
- Challenges Driving the Need for a New IT Business Model
- Case Studies

Lesson: Roles and Responsibilities

- Organizational Breakdown – Relationship Between IT and its Customers
- Impact of Current Leadership and Organization
- Dell EMC IT: Organizational Structure and its Impacts

Lesson: Required Skillsets

- Skills Gap Analysis – Crossing the Divide Between Now and the Future
- Working with Experts – Identifying Resources to Succeed

Week 2: Revolutionizing Your IT Organization

Lesson: Infrastructure Transformation

- Moving in Stages – Platform 2 to Platform 3
- Aligning People and Processes – Role Alignment, Process Makeover, and Education
- Redefining IT – Implementing Platform as a Service

Lesson: Operating Model Transformation

- Operationalizing IT – Where to Begin
- Addressing the Cultural Shift – From a Cost Center to Running a Business
- Redefining IT – Implementing IT as a Service

Lesson: Application Transformation

- Delivering Value Quickly – The Need for Apps
- Bridging the Old and the New – Supporting Legacy
- Applications with a New Vision
- Redefining IT – Implementing Software as a Service

Lesson: The Dell EMC Journey

- Cloud Infrastructure, Operating Model, and Application Transformations
- Infrastructure Transformation – Journey to the Cloud
- Operating Model Transformation – Running IT as a Business
- Application Transformation – Optimizing Application ROI
- Summarizing the Dell EMC Journey

Week 3: Defining Your Goals

Lesson: Charting your End Goals

- Accelerating Business Outcomes – Defining Specific Goals
- Driving Business Value – Translating Goals into Opportunities

Lesson: Documenting Your Strategy

- Reducing the Noise – Charting your Milestones

Lesson: Building a Relationship with Dell EMC Services

- Dell EMC Services Overview
- Matrix of Support



David Rude, Consultant Instructor, Dell EMC


David’s experience includes training in the areas of programming (C, C++, Java) and databases (Greenplum and Oracle). David also has extensive experience in Hadoop (Apache, Hortonworks, and Cloudera) and MapReduce. His cloud computing experience and expertise are in the areas of  infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). Teaching experience in these  service areas includes vBlock, VxBlock, VxRack, VxRail, object storage, storage replication and data protection, and software defined storage. 


Richard Moore, Consultant Instructor, Dell EMC

Richard’s experience includes teaching IT as a Service for Business Transformation, Data Science for Business Transformation, Establishing Service Management for ITaaS classes  as well as Hadoop and other Big Data courses. Richard's hands-on experience includes IT governance, data & financial analysis, data migration and corporate wide projects like the Euro Conversion project for a Fortune 500 investment company.  This is the type of experience that is useful for understanding the implementation issues associated with Cloud Computing.

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Transforming Your IT


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