• Course Code:  MR-MC-MHCST

  • Term:  Self-Paced

  • Start Date:  Aug 7 2017

  • End Date:  Dec 31 2020

  • Duration:  178 weeks

  • Course Author(s)
    Cheryl Caiola, Greg Colburn, George O'Toole
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Hybrid Cloud Platforms Sales Training


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    Cheryl Caiola
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    George O'Toole
  • Trooper
    Gregory Colburn
  • Default user
    David Troeger


Welcome to the Dell EMC Hybrid Cloud Platforms Sales Training!

This course will offer Sales and PreSales training for our internal and partner sellers for the Dell EMC Hybrid Cloud Platforms.  

The first course we're bringing to you is for Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack.

What you'll find in this course:

    • Cloud Overview
    • What the Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack solution is
    • How to sell it
    • Ordering information
    • Resources
    • Partner Section

We have also included a short quiz.

Please use the Discussion panel in the course to ask questions and provide feedback.

Thank you for enrolling, and we look forward to your participation!



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Hybrid Cloud Platforms Sales Training


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